IDENTIFOR: An Exciting Crowdsourced Vision

You may recall that a year ago I did a series featuring Celebrate the Children (see Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4).  I became aware of their work through a Conference at which I spoke for Profectum, together with Serena Wieder, Ph.D., the co-inventor of Floortime/DIR.  Cuong Do, an emeritus Board Member of Celebrate the Children and Founder of Profectum Foundation, aided by his wife, Lori Rickles, have embarked on an exciting venture known as Identifor.  You can read about their impetus for establishing Identifor here, centered on experiences by Cuong and Lori with their now 12 year-old son on the autistic spectrum.

Identifor Logo

Identifor already has 36 “games” on their site, and you’ll note that most of them have a very strong visual component.  They range from facial recognition to visual manipulation in shape matching.  While the activities are identified as skill sets in executive function, most rely on visual-spatial cognition and memory.  The games themselves are leveled, and provide development and enrichment in their own right, but appear to be a form of crowdsourced data collection for a platform that will move on to even bigger and better things.

To explore their  tools – either for yourself if you are 13 or more years old or for your children – please register to access all of their games and dashboards.  The games are always free to play, though parents need to subscribe to access the data and reports generated about their child’s performance.

Visit the Identifor site, register, and let me know what you think.

Identifor 1Identifor 2Identifor 3Identifor 4 Identifor 5Identifor 6Identifor 7Identifor 8Identifor 10Identifor 11Identifor 12Identifor 13

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