The Mindset of Growth and Success

Drs. Nancy Torgerson and Tom Lenart presented a blueprint for collaborative efforts between developmental optometry and pediatric ophthalmology at the COVD meeting in San Diego last week.

Nancy & Tom 1

It was an inspirational presentation, and one that we are sure to build upon on a national level.  The theme of the meeting underscored the influence of a book that Nancy has been touting on many levels.  It is Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.  Here is a graphic that differentiates two broad Mindsets:

Mindset Graphic

There are so many ways in which this graphic applies to our individual selves, our relationships, our practices, and our collective successes.  As noted in this Scientific American article last year, there is accumulating evidence that suggests that our thoughts are often capable of extending our cognitive and physical limits.  For example, something as basic as the anticipation of difficulty when reading an eye chart from larger to smaller lines can make visual function more challenging.  The flip side of course is that the mindset of success can aid visual pathways and function.

Thank you again to our colleagues, Drs. Torgerson and Lenart, for a courageous, masterful, and insightful presentation.  They inspire us to renew our energies and redouble our efforts.

Nancy & Tom 2

5 thoughts on “The Mindset of Growth and Success

  1. This is a timely blog. I am reading Bounce by Matthew Syed, in which presented some studies on this fixed vs growth mindset. Nice to see it presented in our field, I think it’s useful for the practitioner in developing their own abilities but also instilling this in kids who have lost the urge to learn.

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