Dr. Janet Stumbo in the News

Her name may not ring a bell – it rung mine only softly at first.  Then, slowly, it came to me.  Dr.Janet Stumbo is a veterinarian who experienced severe traumatic brain injury and by her own account shouldn’t be alive today.  Although her vision was severely impacted, her neurosurgeon told her be thankful she was alive and learn to function with her one good eye.  Determined not to accept that fate, she worked doggedly at vision therapy for seven days a week for a 16 year period and regained full function through her formerly blind eye.  Here is the news story about her, and it is a tale of remarkable courage.

The bell will ring louder about Dr. Stumbo if you recall that she made a presentation at ICBO 2006 regarding her experiences in VT through her behavioral optometrist, Dr. Fuerst.  Her incredible book, Endless Journey, is available through OEPF.



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