This Idea Must Die

This Idea Must Die

The book isn’t out yet – won’t be out until February, in fact.  But I love the idea of asking what scientific ideas have become relics that are blocking human progress.  Among the most overt are ideas about plasticity not only of the brain but of the body in its entirety.  Norman Doidge is credited with helping the idea die that the brain’s ability to re-learn is limited.  There are those who are now taking Doidge’s ideas further than even he would have dared to envision.

Cavin Balaster is a courageous young man who is helping an idea die by his determination to not only survive, but thrive.  In a blog last year at this time I referred to Cavin as someone who has the potential to do for ABI what Sue Barry did for strabismus.  Now one year on, after having presented to the Annual Meeting of NORA, Cavin joined me on the podium for a marvelous presentation to NJSOP at Therapy by the Sea this past weekend.

Cavin and LJP on StageCavin and LJP at Desk

Please visit Cavin’s website.  His experiences and accomplishments since coming back from the brink of death are incredible.  His determination to succeed, with his mother’s staunch support and the able assistance of therapies that he pursued including optometric vision therapy, is nothing short of inspirational.  I guarantee you’ll be hearing more from this incredible young man during the coming year, as he helps outdated ideas about vision therapy die.



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