5 thoughts on “Is Visual Decision-Making Impaired in Individuals with Amblyopia?

  1. Thanks for the comment, Dan. Though they didn’t say that directly, then imply it, since the impairment, though worse through the amblyopic eye, was also present in the fellow eye. They state in the conclusion: “The fact that the response-selection impairment is present in both the amblyopic and non-amblyopic eye of individuals with amblyopia suggests that normal development of not only visual cortex, but also cortical networks underlying decision processing and response selection depends on binocular visual experience during early life. Normal binocularity confers the visual system signal-to-noise ratio benefits through binocular summation.” Their message is that amblyopia compromises binocular summation and increases signal:noise, leading to impaired visual decision making.

  2. Just like tubes in kids ears (hearing) may cause an auditory processing problem; so the teacher has to repeat what s/he said, it seems this would decreases decision making. Of course any impairment of any of the senses it would seem would affect decision making. Since the eyes are an extension of the brain, if they receive mixed information the child might not reach out to grab something because s/he is not comfortable reaching out of the body. The child will not make a decision for fear of making a miscalculation. At any rate, I agree that decision making is impaired with amblyopia and even with CI and vergence problems. I also agree that surgery to straighten an eye might send further impaired signals to the brain, causing the eye which had the surgery to cross again, especially if a vertical muscle is affected.
    Thanks Len. August

  3. How could visual decision-making NOT be impaired in people with amblyopia? Why is this news? This sounds flippant, but based on the understanding of amblyopia that I have developed with help from this blog and other sources, it shocks me that this is just now being researched! Wow.

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