Rediscovering Edmund Scientific

I remember the delight as a child when I got the chance to browse an Edmund Scientific catalogue.


You’d be surprised, if you browse today’s Edmund Scientific, at how many fun items there are.  Take for example Nose Aerobics.  Can you think of a more interesting way to work on near point of convergence toward the nose?  Sure beats pencil push-ups.

Nose Aerobics

How about an electrostatic wand, otherwise known as the Fun Flystick?  Sure beats pointer-in-straw for spatial localization, doesn’t it?

Fun Flystick

If you’re into retro, how about this upgraded version of Simon, the classic auditory-visual sequential memory game?  As the Edmund catalog says, this was the skill-building game that swept the nation before we all became entranced with the internet and smartphones.  And it now has an LCD counter to track high scores – the envy of Harry Wayne!


And talk about thinking outside the box, how about Illum A Room – fluorescent space stickers that glow in the dark?  Stickers of assorted sized stars, planets, and other outer space shapes that can be viewed through glasses in UV or white LED mode.  Can wall fixations be made any more fun?

Illum A Room

Now if all this seems like child’s play, you can’t get more cutting edge than Ozobot.  Can you imagine all of the applications?

Oh my goodness!  Basic tracking, MFBF, anaglyphic, social engagement, and introduction to robotics!  Comes with apps for IOS and Android, can be used on iPhone, tablets, and even works on good ol’ fashioned paper!

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