Have You Booked Your Trip to ICBO?

ICBO 2014 LogoIf you haven’t made plans yet to attend the 7th International Congress of Behavioral Optometry it’s not too late!  You can register here.  Let me tell you just a  few of the reasons why I’m so excited about attending the Congress.  The theme of the upcoming quaternary event   – Vision is the Brain’s Way of Touching – is a quote taken from Merleau-Ponty, used often by Alain Berthoz who is one of this year’s featured speakers.  Read up about Berthoz here.  But there is so much more!  Janette Atkinson is another featured speaker, and she is an icon in vision development, known mostly for her work with infants, but take a look at some of her earlier work on visual dyslexia featured here.  Dick Bruenech is a marvelous speaker who delves into the special properties of eye muscles.  Okay – I’m a little biased.   A presentation worth coming for is one that gives me better than a front row seat.  I have the privilege of pairing with Susan Barry, PhD – aka Stereo Sue – and if you need an intro to her work you just haven’t been paying attention!  We’ve put together a presentation on the head-to-toe aspects of strabismus for you.  For my part, I’m particularly enthused about probing optic flow and emotional valence – two aspects of the subject that Sue and I have elaborated specifically for the ICBO presentation.  Hope to see you there!

The Emotional Valence of Strabismus.001

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