NCLD on Visual Scanning in Dyslexia & ADHD


You may recall an interview on vision and LD that I did awhile back with the pediatrician, Dr. Debbie Walhof, posted on the NCLD website.  I received an interesting email this evening from NCLD with the subject line “See What Your Child Sees”.  I was hoping it had something to do with vision.  Sure enough, here’s what the body of the message reads:

“Ever wonder what your child face on a daily basis?  Everyday tasks like scanning letters or numbers can be maddening for people with learning and attention issues, like LD and ADHD.  We’ve put together a few exercises to help you better understand what your child sees.”

Take a look at the examples provided in this piece written by the NCLD editorial team.  They all relate to visual scanning or visual search.  The first one asks you to find the two Bs in this array:

Two Bs

The second one asks you to find the letter N in this array:

Letter N

The third one asks you to find the number 1 in this array:

Number 1

We’ve alluded to visual search and serial scanning as key readiness skills for reading in this blog before.  Aside from the workbooks mentioned, or visual scanning worksheets in open source such as here, there are computer programs we use regularly in vision therapy for these purposes.  Examples include home therapy procedures in Vision Builder available through OEPF, and the in-office procedures in CPT from Dr. Sidney Groffman.



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