The Impact of Concussion on Vision – new VisionHelp video raising professional and public awareness

ConcussionWhen a person suffers a sudden blow to the head, damage can occur to the brain that results in bruising, shearing and stretching of the neural connections causing what is known as a concussion. Even those with a mild concussion can suffer significant problems which requires rehabilitative care. Since the “neural software” of the visual system is intimately woven throughout most of the human brain, a concussion,  even mild, can result in visual problems that can dramatically affect the quality of life of the victim.

To help bring about better professional and public awareness for the impact of concussions on the visual system and the lives of those who suffer from these injuries, the VisionHelp Group,  composed of leading developmental vision and rehabilitation experts from around the US, discuss the impact of vision problems due to a concussive injury in this brand new video.

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD

8 thoughts on “The Impact of Concussion on Vision – new VisionHelp video raising professional and public awareness

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this and allowing Abby to tell her story, Dr.Fortenbacher. This video is truly fantastic! 🙂

    • Thank you Irwin! This is just the beginning of more to come from the VisionHelp Group on this very important public health issue. And many thanks to you for helping all of us in optometry in our understanding of visual and vestibular consequences of Acquired Brain Injury.

  2. Thanks to all those who made this video happen. I do not offer office vision therapy (yet) but always try to make a good referral for people in need of care. The fact that it is such a high quality production, has concise and easy to understand info, along with being simple to socially share all are very impressive. Keep them coming!

    • Thank you Dr. Belill for your thoughtful comment! My apologies for our delayed response as we try to accept and publish comments within 24 hours of submission. It’s good to know that you have found the VHG video, The Impact of Concussion on Vision to be helpful. Yes, more is on the way with another new initiative by the VisionHelp Group to continue to bring professional and public awareness to this important condition. Stay tuned!

  3. Thank you for preparing this video so that I can share it with people through social media. I was a vision therapist for 35 years
    and know how important this information is to get out to the general population

    • You’re very welcome Judy! All of us in the VisionHelp Group are glad that you are helping to share this information so others can learn and find the vision rehabilitation care that they need to more effectively recover from the visual impact of concussions.

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