Outsmarting Autism – Patricia Lemer



Just received word today that Patty Lemer’s latest book has been released in the Kindle Edition, now available on Amazon.com.   I’ll do another update when the book is available in hard copy.  The book is a good read from many standpoints, and will open your eyes regarding Total Load Theory as a causative factor.  Essentially visually dysfunctions are load factors that enter into the Total Load that burdens the individual.  The chapter on Vision will be of great interest from a number of angles.

Patty 2It is widely known in optometric circles that Patty has been heavily influenced in her thinking by developmental optometrists from the D.C. area.  But she has branched out much beyond her initial circle of influence, and that shines through in her personal website as well as in her new book.  The chapter on Vision draws heavily from the work of Dr. Melvin Kaplan, as was the case in Ms. Lemer’s earlier book, Envisioning a Bright Future.  The importance of lenses, vision, and vision therapy is emphasized.  Relative to her prior works, this book elaborates significantly on the work of Dr. Harry Wachs, particularly his collaboration with Serena Wieder.  This is based in part on their co-authored book on Visual/Spatial Portals to Thinking, Feeling, and Movement.  Included in the chapter are concepts from Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, and a few thoughts from me as well.


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