VT 101


I always hold my breath when a freelance reporter does an over-the-phone interview about vision therapy, because you never know in advance what will emerge from the final editing process.  That is why I was pleased to see VT 101 by writer Corrie Pelc this morning in the June 2014 online edition of EyeCareProfessional Magazine.  You can read the piece in its entirety here, and I’d like to point out some highlights to you:

1. It’s important to remind people that VT is very much mainstream within the Clinical Practice Guidelines of the American Optometric Association.

2. COVD and OEP continue to offer valuable continuing education opportunities.

3. As Dr. Maino and I point out, vision therapy is not just for kids.  Adult visual needs extend to learning both in adult education classes, and in other facets of activities of daily living.

4. The modern epidemic of acquired brain injury, responsive to vision therapy, cuts across all lines as well.

5. Working with a mentor or professional coach can be very valuable for doctors in acquiring greater skills.




7 thoughts on “VT 101

  1. Patients and Parents referred by their Family Optometrist, frequently tell me how much they appreciate, the OD taking the time to explain that vision is more than eyesight and that glasses alone may not solve their problem !

  2. Corrie Pelc is not a novice when it comes to understanding vision and it’s impact on behaviors. Did you or Corrie remember working together when she was the communications manager for the California Optometric Association? She helped us with our CE@home article: Visual Factors in Childhood Behavioral Disorders. I was glad to see that she is still helping to spread the good news about what we do and how others can help. Fellow Optometrists and other referral sources become heroes when they do what’s best for their patients and refer for vision therapy when indicated! Thanks for sharing Dr. Press!

  3. Dear Dr. Press. Thank you for your insightful blogs! I practice in South Africa and we are in the process of setting up a vision therapy room. We have a special interest in pediatrics and visual therapy. Unfortunately there is no post graduate training available locally in this field. We would greatly appreciate some suggestions from you on what equipment would be good to invest in and other resources that would be of help.

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