Minding Your “P” and “Q”

“What changes have you noticed since beginning vision therapy?”  That is the Q that opens all of our patients’ Success Stories, completed at their final vision therapy session.  Here is one we received yesterday that our staff will be talking about for a long time.

Success Story Peeing


What a special bond that was forged between GW and everyone in our office, but particularly one of our optometric vision therapists – Jennifer.  In my 37 years in the field I have never encountered a therapist with any greater gift for working with young children.

GW, me & Jen


Ok.  Some parents write about spatial judgement in different ways – but note how GW’s newfound depth perception has really bolstered an important developmental skill for a crucial activity of daily living!  And note mom’s comment that she has encountered many different therapists because of her older son having lots of issues, and that she tends to be very critical.  How much more special that makes it when therapy winds down, the office shares hugs all around, and a discerning mom wants to take our staff home!



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