Great News Story on Vision Therapy

Fox 5Every year the Georgia Optometric Association holds a contest on “How An Optometrist Changed My Life”, and the winner’s story is featuerd on TV station Fox 5 in Atlanta.  This year’s winner is 14 year-old Jacob Reuschel.  What a great news piece that you can read here, and a particularly good interview with our colleague in Georgia, Dr. David Cook that you can view here as well.

Aside from all the attributes of the article, you’ll notice there are no qualifiers such as “but the ophthalmologist/pediatrician said …”  This media coverage should serve as a template for all future feature reporting.  They grasp that optometrists change lives, are clearly touched by the story, and recognize that we are the authorities regarding indications for optometric vision therapy and its outcomes.  Congratulations to Jacob and his family, Dr. Cook, and the Georgia Optometric Association for the excellent coverage by Fox 5 Atlanta, and thanks to colleagues Dr. Kim Friedman and Bryan Markowitz for sharing the great news!


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