Working With The Gifted and Talented

When Ben first came to us in 2008 at the age of 10 we knew that we had someone special on our hands.  He was referred by his occupational therapist because Ben actually volunteered that there was something wrong with his vision.  After complaining that he was having difficulty focusing between his desk and the board, Ben went for an eye examination and was given a prescrption for nearsightedness.  He volunteered that although the glasses made distance sharper, his vision still didn’t feel right.  It’s not ordrinarily the case that you encounter a child who is this perceptive.

Ben had difficulties with spatial vision, stemming in large measure from difficulty in coordinating both eyes.  His parents noted that he had trouble picking up on social cues from others as well.  His O.T. recognized that he had difficulties with bincoular vision coordination.  Ben is now 15 years old, his grades having gone from struggling to get Bs and Cs to all As.  It’s not the grades themselves that are telltale of his emergence.  It’s that Ben is a child who was bright enough to grasp that his vision seemed different from those around him.  Ben’s father credits us with making him more aware of his surroundings.  To top things off, Ben is now a nationally ranked ski racer – something his dad says would have been unthinkable without optometric vision therapy.

It is so rewarding for us to work with children like Ben and to literally see them take flight.  Here’s Ben on a recent downhill run.

Ben Skiing


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