Optometric Care of the Struggling Student



It isn’t news to many of us that a significant number of students struggle needlessly with undetected or untreated learning problems.  But when an organization with the prestige of the American Academy of Optometry publishes a Position Paper on the subject, people will sit up and take notice.  The Q & A format will appeal to parents, educators, and many other professionals.

smart_phone_popup_text_10570You can download a PDF of the new Position Paper directly here.  You can also access the Position Paper on Optometric Care of the Struggling Student by going to the Academy’s Website, Section on Binocular Vision, Perception, and Pediatric Optometry.  There are now four position papers, this one being the latest.  Take a look at them all here.

2 thoughts on “Optometric Care of the Struggling Student

  1. i wish i had been diagnosed this before. after 20 years i stil have a lot of problems in assimilating things when i study any thing…

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