Can Vision Therapy Change Your Life?

larry_fitzgeraldI’m in Arizona right now, taking in the beauty of the Arizona Fall League.  While I’m attending baseball games that are still a well-kept secret with friends from New Jersey, my mind keeps drifting to football and to an Arizona Cardinal in particular, the much heralded Larry Fitzgerald.  I’ve before blogged about the wonderful ambassador that Larry is for optometric vision therapy, and he wrote the foreword to the new book by the Benoits in which he comments: “Jillian, I join you and your mom, Robin, in believing that people of all ages could be helped if only they knew about vision therapy.”

I purchased a supply of Robin and Jillian’s new book, Dear Jillian: Vision Therapy Changed My Life Too.  I am encouraging you to do the same, and you can obtain them in bulk supply here.  You’ll find a range of delightful stories that Robin and Jillian have put together, featuring patients who have overcome significant adversity through optometric vision therapy.  Donate a copy of this book to your local town library.  Donate a copy to schools that you visit to give an in-service, or offer a copy to your child’s school library.

– photo of Larry Fitzgerald copyright Gene Lower courtesy of COVD


Some will purchase the book in bulk and sell them, and that is a fine way to share this information.  I also see tremendous potential in sharing the book with current, former, or prospective patients as a gift.  There are vignettes in the book that cut across all lines.  Have a patient who has experienced a brain injury with visual challenges who made great strides through vision therapy?  There’s a chapter on that.  Know an adult with dyslexia who has struggled with untreated visual problems for years?  There’s a chapter on that.  Know someone with learning disabilities who blossomed after receiving optometric vision therapy? There’s a chapter on that.  In fact, as the holiday season approaches, give strong consideration to making this your year-end gift to referral sources as a way of acknowledging how you can collaborate to change lives.  What are you waiting for?

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