Spot On: Targeted Information for Teachers

Spot OnWhat a great new website for teachers!  Share this link with every teacher you know.  Encourage them to join the SpOtOn facebook page.  This is a wonderful new learning ecosystem, by teachers for teachers.  I don’t recall ever seeing such passion by a teacher’s group in spreading the word about vision development.  You can read about their background here.

From their flyer at the COVD meeting:  “nSIGHTS translates detailed and disparate content about Vision Development into a comprehensive and practical online module that’s intuitively navigable and easily understandable.  Too many cases of learning-related vision issues are being missed or mis-diagnosed.  The facts driving nSIGHTS are that (A) teachers make good screeners, and that (B) they are in a position to make simple changes that can make HUGE improvements in the learning environment.”


2 thoughts on “Spot On: Targeted Information for Teachers

  1. Thank you for your enthusiastic support of this collaborative effort Dr. Press! We look forward to sharing more specifics about the nSIGHTS project during this exciting build phase. Teaming with COVD members makes all the difference ~

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