Postural Skews and Stereo Views – Part 4

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Depth ScriptJust when you think enthusiasm about S3D movies might be fading, a movie like Gravity comes along and re-fuels interest.  Stereographers have gotten more savvy about the importance of depth scripts, and having a depth budget for a movie.  Depth script is as important to an S3D movie story as a soundtrack is.  It has to be carefully composed to link with the viewers interest, attention, and mood conveyed as the story line moves along.  It’s well beyond the old school gimmicky effects of items popping off the screen that don’t enhance the story line.  It is fundamental to being immersed in the movie itself, and its S3D experience.  The depth budget is not a cost in terms of production as much as it is the cost to the viewer of sustaining the binocular vision demands we discussed in the first three parts.

Floyd MizenerHave any idea who this gentleman is? He’s Dr. Floyd Mizener, a retired O.D. from Illinois, and he has a dream.  What if every movie theater in this country had a flyer that was given out with S3D glasses that included information about the 3Ds of S3D viewing.  Or, as a public health message, there was a tag line at the beginning of each S3D movie:  “If you have difficulty experiencing the 3D effects in this movie, please see your Doctor of Optometry”.  The dream isn’t that far-fetched.  Dr. Mizener has already worked with a number of Optometrists in Illinois to partner with local theater owners to distribute flyers regarding S3D.  Doctors of Optometry are aligning more with the players in the S3D community, not only for immersion in entertainment such as S3D movies as Dr. Shun-nan Yang will discuss tomorrow, and gaming devices such as Nintendo S3D, but for S3D learning opportunities such as Len Scrogan will demonstrate.  Is the idea of a PSA (Public Service Announcement) in theaters far-fetched?  Is S3D a disruptive technology for healthcare and education?  Watch this video.

The Chicago based program originally spearheaded by Dr. Mizener was featured on Inside Optometry today.  Here is an excerpt:

“Offering the Finest Digital 3D Experience” was developed jointly by the West Chicago Optometric Society (WCOS) and the Windy City’s Classic Cinema theater chain. Although only six months old, the campaign already picked up one of three special Outstanding Achievement awards during The International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society’s (I3DS) 2013 3D Technology Awards ceremony, held Sept. 18 at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

“The international 3D entertainment industry and the eye care professions share a common goal in addressing binocular vision problems,” said WCOS President Steve Butzon, O.D. “This prestigious honor shows once again that the developers of 3D technology recognize the important role eye care professionals play in the development of this exciting field.”

The I3DS also presented its inaugural Eye Care Practitioner of the Year awards to Michael L. Halkias, O.D., and Ingryd Lorenzana, O.D., for their participation. A few days later, Classic Cinemas owner Willis Johnson received the Illinois Optometric Association’s Citizen of the Year Award for his help developing the program.

2 thoughts on “Postural Skews and Stereo Views – Part 4

  1. This is a fabulous idea! I hope it goes through everywhere 3D movies are shown. So many of my patients and their parents say they don’t enjoy 3D movies – a visit to their optometrist specializing in vision development could explain and cure this issue.

  2. Well, there you have it. The patient has to see the correct Optometrist. They may be confused when the commercial Optometrist does not do the tests necessary. What commercial Optometrist does visual perception, visual memory, copy forms, and knows enough to refer to an O.D. who does developmental V.T.
    There may come a day when the chain stores go out of business when patients use their vision (the art of I understand and I get it). Maybe if medical optometry, developmental optometry and V.T. take over and glasses are purchased on line, the Chains will move away. Just a thought. No need to be upset with me.

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