Finding A Doctor Who’s More Open – Part 2

In Part 1 we celebrated the career of David Hubel, the Nobel recipient Harvard ophthalmologist who wrote one of the jacket liner notes to Susan Barry’s book, Fixing My Gaze.  In the NPR piece I referenced, Dr. Hubel says that if you have a problem like Susan’s and your ophthalmologist or optometrist says there is nothing I can do for you, you should find somebody else who’s more open.

That is precisely what Christina’s parents did.  After years of taking their daughter to eye doctors who said nothing further could be done to develop her binocular vision, they found their way to us determined to explore a better outcome for her.


Christina’s brother, Jimmy, plays for the Muhlenberg Mules baseball team.  A good hitter until last year, he found it progressively harder to function.  His father noticed that Jimmy was “just missing his pitch”, a phrase any of you baseball aficionados will recognize.  While Dad wasn’t sure how far Jimmy would be able to take his baseball aspirations, he wanted to get him every possible tool to compete.  Recognizing what we did for Christina’s visual abilities to drive and make the most of her academic opportunities, he brought Jimmy in to see us.

As Mr. Aramanda, Jimmy and I sat around the table to review my findings and recommendations, he looked very pensive.  “What’s on your mind?”, I asked.  He replied: “Given what you’ve done for my daughter, and now realizing what my son has been dealing with, I have to ask you:  Why is what you do such a well-kept secret?”

I looked at Jimmy for a moment, pulled out my iPhone, and asked if he would mind filming his dad so we could share these raw sentiments with other parents.

2 thoughts on “Finding A Doctor Who’s More Open – Part 2

  1. A great piece, Dr. Press. Mr. Aramanda’s sentiments are both unfortunate and inspiring; unfortunate is his reflection on his many negative experiences before visiting your office, and inspiring that this obviously loving and intelligent father clearly is aware of the benefits VT has offered both his children

  2. Thanks, Robert. Mr. A is soft, but very-well spoken. Our practices thrive on the dedication and determination of such parents. Once they have experienced success, they reflect on the prior advice they got, or lack thereof with a tinge of anger. Rather than we taking advantage of such families, they clearly sense and see the inverse: the doctors who trivialized their concerns, or consciously withheld information about the option of VT took advantage of their position of authority and trust to over-step their bounds and make unfounded valued judgements. More to say about this in Part 3 … stay tuned!

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