What’s App-enning?

PinterestNice array of apps on Pinterest specific to Visual Impairment/Vision Therapy.  Here is a new one in the iTunes store that hasn’t been pinned yet, but looks good for children with cortical visual impairment.  It’s called Tap-n-See Zoo.  But the big news for this evening is that the Vision Tap: Vision Therapy App, by Tap in Apps (sounds like Dr. Seuss!) is back on the market.  Originally intro’d in 2012, the new version was developed by Kevin Sullivan whose father is Dr. Joe Sullivan, a colleague in Kansas.

Vision Tap 1Vision Tap 2Vision Tap 4 Vision Tap 6vision tap 7vision tap 9

Vision Tap 3

2 thoughts on “What’s App-enning?

  1. Just got the free download of Vision Tap my iPad mini and tried out the memory game which was a ton of fun. Although I am not a Vision Therapist, but a former adult patient (quitting VT after sudden vision loss) I am still very interested in VT apps from an educational media and design perspective. This app may be the answer for VT clients who battle lack of focus due to boredom.

    Thanks for posting!

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