Keystone View VT Manuals: Well-Kept Secrets

We blogged about the Keystone View Company last year, and some of its hidden gems.  Consider this as Keystone View Part Two.

Stereo Sue

You may recall that, in the now famous article by Oliver Sacks in The New Yorker magazine, there was a black and white stereogram, very old school-looking, intended to conjure up the days when people used Victorian-style stereoscopes for parlor enjoyment in England from whence Sacks hailed.  The Keystone View company capitalized on stereo-popularity in the late 1800s and in 1932 formed a division that was very active in stereo-photography and its commercialized applications. Largely manufactured for use in Brewster or Holmes lenticular hand-held stereoscopes, split stereo images were also made for projection purposes.  A select cadre of early practitioners understood the value of rich, stereoscopic projection at distance to enhance peripheral fusion in the treatment of strabismus, likely influencing Dr. Fred Brock’s introduction of the stereo-motivator (BSM).

Here is a youtube video of a fellow taking us into his man cave on a tour of his prized Keystone View stereo slides inherited from his grandmother.   He narrates the puzzle he’s trying to solve of the glass picture slide versions of the Brewster Stereoscope slides meant to be inserted into a back lit projector with a pair of big ol’ lenses that you project onto the wall.  It was the forerunner of the BSM concept and more recently of the VTS-3 and VTS-4 modules of Computer Orthoptics.


While you won’t find any information on the current Keystone View website to help this fellow, you sure can find some valuable treasures in the manuals that Keystone has online.  For example consider this one that details the Van Orden Therapy concepts.  In fact, I’ll bet many of you will enjoy taking a gander at several of the manuals that you can download from the Company’s website.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Keystone View VT Manuals: Well-Kept Secrets

  1. Len, and I have their keystone viewer with all the slides from 1968, the old cream colored one had room for many slides; distance and near. The kids love the clown with the balloons and I still use the stereo slides for VT. Shows how old I am.
    Sorry I will not see you in Cleveland in October this year. August

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