Say The Secret Woid: Move With Balance

FE16OWWORDSGroucho made “the secret woid” famous, and Karen Peterson has adopted a similar strategy for some very nice videos that accompany Move With Balance, Healthy Aging Activities for Brain and Body.  There are a handful of public information videos that you can access here, but to access the online video demonstrations of the actual activities in the book, you have to purchase it so that you’ll know the magic word to enter.  The book is visually appealing, and very useful even without the videos.  Ms. Peterson resides in Maui, and the book has a delightful Hawaiian flavor.  She has a very interesting background, gleaned in part from non-optometric sources on movement such as Paul Dennison and Carla Hannaford, and from optometrists including Edward Friedman and Edvin Manniko.  Her unique angle is in applying her knowledge and experience toward seniors –  but it’s useful for kids of all ages.

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