The Touch-Screen Generation

atlantic coverWe’ve touched upon this issue before in the context of demands on the visual system as well as the positive application of apps … so here is a well done general treatment of a subject becoming increasingly relevant regarding the Touch-Screen Generation.  Take note of the many good comments at the end of the piece.  You may also enjoy this Podcast on the topic that runs long, or if you’d like a brief video synopsis, check out the video interview with Hanna Rosin.  This Montessori website has a twist on Rosin’s insights.

8 thoughts on “The Touch-Screen Generation

  1. I am so conflicted about this issue. By pulling a few strings my friend Marta was able to enroll her almost-two-year-old twins in a prestigious pre-school in Madrid. In order to “graduate” the boys must – among other things – be able to demonstrate mastery of a computer mouse. So instead of doing things that almost-two-year-old boys do, Raul and Diego spend a lot of their time at a desk, their fingers wrapped around a mini-mouse.

    • I agree, Linda. I suspect we’ll find there are certain aspects of development that may be impeded by over-emphasis on these highly focalized visual task with minimal gross motor movement. It may be, as the article implies, that parents will have to be viglant that their children get a healthy blend of outdoor-type activities to complement the types of cogntive skills they are mastering on computers and tablets.

  2. Of course, there are some who will be “addicted” but in most cases, I think there is room for technology and for motor activities. The rules hang with the parents and clinicians should recommend as did the baby docs; limit the technology (and, I add, increase the outdoor play).

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