To Be Young and Talented

SECO 2013 Award WinnerOur VisionHelp blog notes that we represent a group of leading Optometric vision specialists in the U.S. who serve to provide greater awareness and understanding of the science and best practices for training the visual brain. VisionHelp consists of University Professors, past presidents of national and state associations and authors of professional publications on various aspects of vision treatment and vision therapy.  What helps keep us vibrant and relevant is the infusion of young talent we have in our group, most notably – and in the order of their joining our group – Drs. Jennifer Smith Zolman, Daniel Press, and Bryce Appelbaum.  I’m pleased to share the news that last week Jennifer received the Young OD of the South Award at SECO 2013.  Dr. Smith Zolman is in practice with senior VisionHelp doc Dr. Neil Draisin who is a Past President of SECO.  Once upon a time we could say that Jennie was our secret, but now evidently the rest of the country is discovering how talented she is!  On behalf of your colleagues, congratulations Jennie, and best wishes for success on the impending expansion of the Zolman household!

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