The Power to Keep Going

QuinnMother Nature unleashed yet another storm on the Northeast yesterday, with snow accumulations in NYC up to 12 inches.  When the CBS-TV weatherman, Lonnie Quinn rolls up his sleeves, you know you’re in for a doozy of a storm.  But when Lonnie unbuttons his top button and loosens his tie — watch out for a big one!  Though Connecticut, Massachusetts and regions North were blasted more than we were, we’ll still have to deal with wind gusts, drifting snow and hazardous road conditions today.  We’ll be holding our collective breaths in Towne Centre that the power stays on.

TimeThe power to keep going is what prompts April, a talented blogging mom who posts in The View From Here, to chronicle her family’s journey through vision therapy.  Her blog yesterday on Cheers to great teachers! is noteworthy on several counts.  Though she hasn’t yet seen the Wow!, the amazing results she anticipates her daughter experience by the end of vision therapy, she appreciates that it is early in the process.  But April summoned the courage to package about convergence insufficiency, her daughter’s diagnosed condition, and share it with her teachers.  What she had gathered was a key article from Dr. Steve Gallop, a vision and learning guide from Dr. Kellye Knueppel’s practice, and a video from Dr. Dan Fortenbacher and his team.  Though she had some trepidation that her daughter’s teachers might feel she was trying to tell them how to do their job, as her daughter’s advocate she wanted to make sure that the educators understood the impact of vision on learning.  It struck me that her daughter misses an hour and twenty minutes of class each week so that she can make it to her weekly vision therapy appointment.


April lets us know that she was so glad she took the plunge and sent her daughter’s teachers the information because they were genuinely appreciative of having received it.  The teachers had open minds and a strong willingness to help her daughter succeed.   What a joy to read not only about “the village” that is collectively on the same page, but to see the altruism.   In helping April succeed a spotlight has been placed on these issues, and other children with vision based learning problems will be helped in the future.  That was the spirit shared at our Seminar yesterday at the Marriott Glenpointe in Teaneck, NJ, where 60 OTs, PTs, SLPs, and Educators braved the weather to participate in a lecture/workshop format about vision, development and performance.  I presented information to the group very similar to what April shared with her daughter’s teachers.  We had a frank discussion about open-mindedness and how this information is best utilized to help individual children.  Actually patients of all ages.  Concepts in neuroplasticity have taught us that learning at some level is occurring our entire lives, heightened by the power to keep going even when conditions are not optimal.

2 thoughts on “The Power to Keep Going

  1. Dr. Press,

    I am both humbled and appreciative of your support.

    Your comment “…a spotlight has been placed on these issues, and other children with vision based learning problems will be helped in the future.” particularly struck me, as I hope if enough of us spread the word about the visual/learning connection, and share information and experiences, we’ll be hearing less about people who have been misdiagnosed, mislabelled, or simply unaware and more stories about early intervention and ultimate success for children and adults.

    Thanks again,


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