Cherry on Top

cherry on topThis is a special post for two reasons.  Number one is that it marks a milestone of sorts for the visionhelp blog — our 500th entry.  More importantly, it celebrates the hurdles that one young man and his mother overcame in succeeding through optometric vision therapy.  Alex Cherry was referred to our office for difficulties that he was having in reading and writing.  He was clearly a very bright and verbal young boy, with a very active mind.  His mother drove for an hour and a half each way to our office, once weekly.  It was cumbersome at the outset, and we encouraged her to go to a colleague of ours closer to her home, but she insisted on making the drive.  Alex complained considerably in the beginning about the long car ride, but our staff was so skilled at working with him that gradually it became apparent that he enjoyed the trip and his improvements rather than dreading the travel.  In a fitting tribute to optometric vision therapy, and to our staff, here is Alex’s “before and after” success story in his own words:

Cherry 1

Note Alex’s spelling and expression – he thinks at the outset that he’s coming to vision therapy for “suthink” (something) to do with his “Ise” (eyes).  When we gave him his initial sheet to look over in order to write his Success Story, he editorialized at the bottom with a frowny face: “This is so messy I can’t read this.  I write better.  Alex 2-5-13”.

Cherry 2

His Success Story notes that he can play computer games, read and write better at school, and that his eyes are better.  He finishes with the flourish of a Smiley Face, supported by his mother’s observation that both she and Alex are ambivalent about having completed their 8 month stint.  While they may not miss the three hour round trip each week, they will terribly miss the interaction with our therapists and patient care coordinators.  Cases like Alex’s enable him, his family, our staff, and our profession to enjoy the sweetness of success.

2 thoughts on “Cherry on Top

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  2. Congratulations on your success Alex!! Also, congratulation on the 500th entry Dr. Press!! I love following the blog. Can’t wait for the next 500.

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