The Worlds of Oliver Sacks – Inaugural NY Arts Festival


New York Live ArtsLocated in the heart of Chelsea, New York Live Arts is an internationally recognized destination for innovative movement-based artistry offering audiences access to art and artists notable for their conceptual rigor, formal experimentation and active engagement with social, political and cultural currents.  NYLA presents performances in their 20,000 square foot home at 219 W. 19th Street, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the vicinity on April 19, 2013, you can purchase tickets to attend a very special event featuring Sue Barry..

Oliver Sacks Live ArtsI was delighted to receive an email from The Sacks Office yesterday announcing that the inaugural festival of NYLA, from April 17-21, 2013, is being devoted to “The Worlds of Oliver Sacks.” The festival will include film, theatre, dance and musical performances, as well as a number of lively discussions on various Sacksian themes.  On April 19, Stereo Sue will participate in the program on Stereoscopy and Kinetic Vision.  I was pleased to see her bio listed on the website as follows: “Susan R. Barry received her PhD in biology from Princeton University and is a professor of neurobiology in the Department of Biological Sciences at Mount Holyoke College. She had been cross-eyed and stereoblind since early infancy but learned to see in three dimensions at age forty-eight by retraining her visual system with optometric vision therapy. Her story was first described by Oliver Sacks in his New Yorker article, “Stereo Sue”, and then greatly expanded by Sue in her book, Fixing My Gaze: A Scientist’s Journey Into Seeing in Three Dimensions.”

The entire program looks delightful, and closes with a reception on Sunday night, April 21, if you don’t mind staying up late.  This is one time where living in the New York metro area pays particular dividends.  Unfortunately the dates coincide with the 2013 NORA Meeting in San Diego but if your travel plans find you on the East Coast, the Sacks-Fest looks to be a unique and not-to-be-missed event.  NYLA has posted a nice collage of videos on YouTube in tribute to Dr. Sacks, one of which is a joint interview with Stereo Sue.

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