Visual/Spatial Portals: New Book on Learning & ASD

Wachs CoverYou may recall that we previously blogged about the role that Ricki Robinson, MD, MPH played in delivering the plenary session on Autism at this year’s meeting of the American Academy of Optometry.  We noted in that blog that It was clear that Dr. Robinson’s view of vision has been heavily influenced by Harry Wachs, O.D., and his approach to visual spatial thinking which is detailed here.  Dr. Robinson has been intimately involved in the creation of a professional network geared toward individuals with disabilities called Profectum, and one of its key members is Serena Wieder.  Ms. Wieder and Dr. Wachs recently completed a highly anticipated book, Visual/Spatial Portals to Thinking, Feeling and Movement, published by Profectum.  It is subtitled Advancing Competencies and Emotional Development in Children with Learning and Autism Spectrum Disorders, and is due to ship next week.  I just ordered my copy through, and the Table of Contents looks fantastic.

He/Helpkids1This took me back to the copy of an article that appeared in the Washington Post eight years ago entitled Enter the Therapy Zone that Harry had mailed to me.  The new book reflects the trans-disciplinary flavor of the Washington group that the article describes.  It’s nice to see this book in print as an updated and elaborated version of Harry’s seminal work to date, Thinking Goes to School.

3 thoughts on “Visual/Spatial Portals: New Book on Learning & ASD

  1. This is a must have book for doctors, therapists and parents who work with children with developmental delay. Please order your copy from It is available through Amazon, but you’ll be supporting the Profectum organization if you purchase it directly through them.

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