iTherapy Apps for Autism and More

CwA_at Home_fullcover.inddNice book by speech-language pathologist Lois Brady got me thinking more about apps for autism in general, and I like her use of the phrase “iTherapy” in particular.  Prompted me to look at some sites on apps for autism, and there is really good stuff out there! The disclaimer here is that I haven’t used these apps personally yet, but am sharing ones that look relevant to children we encounter in our vision therapy practices.  Here is a site called Autism Apps, with a field on Sensory and Motor Development Apps.  A very useful one in that group is iWritewords.

I encourage you to watch the video because there are so many good features.  Aside from the relative ease of finger drawing on the pad, there are nice options such as making the print size larger or smaller.  Your mind can run free on this one, including applications to amblyopia therapy.  It progresses from individual letters to words, with graphic and voice reinforcement as the fine-motor progresses, and ties in visual-motor nicely.


Autism Plugged In is simply a treasure trove of app reviews and ideas. Take a look at their website.  For example, you’ll find a link there to which has a wide array of apps to work on basic shapes, letters, and sight word recognition with phonetic reinforcement.

puzzle shapes

And lastly, here’s an App that reviews Apps!


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