A Vision of the Brain Through Oliver’s Eyes

“We see with the eyes, but we see with the brain as well”.  Thus begins the TED talk above by the world’s leading neurocelebrity, Dr. Oliver Sacks.  We’ve blogged many times before about Dr. Sacks, most recently in the context of The Mind’s Eye.

There is much well-deserved buzz about Oliver’s new book, Hallucinations, and it seems fitting that his author’s photo shows him with glasses perched on his frontal lobe rather than in front of his eyes, symbolizing that we see with our brains as much as we do with our eyes.

I could go on considerably about Oliver’s new book but instead will direct you toward his blog, and a potpourri of media coverage earlier this month through the following links.

NPR Interview

Nature Podcast

Scientific American

Book Review

Brain With a Heart


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