Dr. Paul Sirna: A Pediatrician Who Gets It

Our colleague, Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, has blogged before about finding a pediatrician who appreciates the significance of convergence insufficiency, which you can read about here.

I’d like to give a shout out to the pediatrician of the week, Paul Sirna, MD, who evidently did a screening for convergence on Nicholas, a nine year-old child who I examined last week.  Nicholas was referred to me by his primary care optometrist, Dr. Gabrielle Nitti, who is wonderful at identifying when patients can benefit from vision therapy as opposed to being managed solely with a prescription for glasses.

Dr. Nitti referred Nicholas to me, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he came to her office based on the screening that Dr. Sirna did.  According to Nick’s mother, it was something as basic as holding a target in front of his eyes, and slowly moving the target inward toward his nose.  When we held our conference this morning to review the results of my testing with Nicholas’s parents, I told them that I would be writing this blog to pay tribute to Dr. Sirna. If every pediatrician were as astute as he is about vision, many more children would ultimately receive the help they need to succeed in reading in particular, and in keeping pace with their peers in life.  (The photos used here are Google Images, and not those of Dr.Sirna, Dr. Nitti, or Nicholas.)


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