A Developmental and Behavioral Ophthalmologist

Great presentation this afternoon at the COVD Annual Meeting by Lea Hyvarinen, M.D., from Finland, my all-time favorite developmental/behavioral ophthalmologist.  Alright, she may be the world’s only developmental/behavioral ophthalmologist, but she is so good at what she does that it would be wonderful if she could influence her colleagues in the United States to follow suit.

A very clever test that she reviewed for visual tracking of infants and toddlers is Pepi – The Dalmatian in Motion.  Our colleague, Dominick Maino, blogged about Pepi a few years ago.

Dr. Hyvarinen’s presentation was titled: Early Detection, Assessment and Intervention of Problems in Visual Development: Optometrists’ and rehabilitation ophthalmologists’ role in the transdisciplinary team work.  She wrote a wonderful book that captures her approach that you can obtain here.

You can obtain more information on her subject matter through these online resources:

Quality of Incoming Visual Information

Dr. Hyvarinen’s Blog

Cortical Visual Impairment

Lea Hyvarinen’s Homepage

VisionHelp Blog on Dr. Hyvarinen

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