Amblyopia Therapy Options Showcased in Primary Care Optometry News

I blogged last week about lectures that I gave in Cleveland at the EastWest Eye Conference, one of which was Applying the Results of Amblyopia Therapy in Clinical Practice.  There were faculty present from OSU who were involved in the PEDIG trials for Amblyopia, and it was timely that that I received my October issue of Primary Care Optoemtry News in the mail today that delivers essentially the same message.  The front page article noting that therapy options expand beyond patching for children and adults, and an accompanying ediorial, can be found through this link.  In addition to Primary Care Optometry getting the word out on research that supports many principles we’ve been incorporating into amblyopia therapy, Ophthalmology is also getting on board with a more active approach toward therapy.

3 thoughts on “Amblyopia Therapy Options Showcased in Primary Care Optometry News

  1. Hi Dr. Press,
    Very nice lecture at east-west in Cleveland last week.
    Going over our discussion for kids with amblyopia, I like the VEP to rule out disease.
    But, I seem to have better success with Dr. Maino’s patching technique and blurring the “Bully Eye”, i.e. the good eye
    with an over plus lens and with nasal occlusion if needed if there is a micro crossing.
    So, even though we talked about atropine on Saturday and Monday each week, my method allows the child to do home work and have side vision, without the near blur and the photophobia.
    I wanted you to know that I will go back and revisit the atropine again.
    Thanks for your expert knowledge.

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