EastWest Eye Conference

Not the Herman’s Hermits version, but quite a lovely EastWest Conference here in Cleveland.

Off to a delightful start this afternoon, having the pleasure of participating in a Children’s Vision Panel with my colleagues Michael Earley, O.D., Ph.D., and Andrea Thau, O.D. moderated by Dr. William Lay.  I was reminded how well the Ohio Optometric Association has put the spotlight of attention on children’s vision.  Take a look at their Children’s Vision Simulator Card.

I particularliy like how they describe Dyslexia as “A complex processing problem that involves the brain’s vision, hearing and language centers”.  Concise, sweet, and accurate.  That’s the vibe one gets throughout this meeting.  Look at the great law they have, linking eye exam requirements with placement in special education and IEPs.  Somehow Ophthalmology and Optometry figured out how to work together on this, in contrast witih the nonsense that goes on in other states.

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve lectured here, other obligations having intervened, and it’s good to be back.


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