VisionHelp podcasts…bringing to the next generation public and professional vision awareness

For me the inspiration for helping children with developmental vision problems began when I attended a lecture in Grand Rapids, Michigan, my first year in private practice nearly 30 years ago featuring one of optometry’s legendary pioneers in developmental optometry, Dr. Gerald N. Getman. What I heard was not textbook technique, but rather clinical stories and pearls of wisdom about how to do a visual examination of a child, the interpretation of the information gathered and then how to effectively provide optometric care for that child with developmental vision problems, such as binocular vision dysfunction and related eye coordination issues as well as problems in visual processing and visual integrative skills. Whenever there was a chance to go to a Dr. Getman lecture, I didn’t want to miss it. And yes, there are many others legends who shaped my thinking and “model of vision”, too many to name in this post.

But, while it is true, Dr. Getman has passed and regretably our next generation of young doctors of optometry will not have the chance to hear him or other past pioneers like him tell their stories…to this I say, ” If only we had podcasts back then!”

What are podcasts?

To answer this important question, let’s Ask a Ninja: “What is Podcasting?”

In case you didn’t quite understand the Ninja and ‘apple pie’, then how about this: Podcasting – in Plain English:

Now to see an example of how this actually works for entertainment in a news segment about the Adam Carolla Podcast:

Given all of these examples, maybe now you can begin to see why it would have been nice to have had optometry’s legends, like Gerald N. Getman, O.D. recorded on a podcast show. Alas those days have passed, but now today’s leaders who have learned from the likes of Dr. Gerald Getman are bringing the next generation of public and professional vision awareness with the VisionHelp Podcast Show.

The VisionHelp Podcast Show, launched on June 23, 2012 and will be bringing monthly episodes featuring a variety of interesting topics across an array of developmental vision and rehabilitative vision issues; brought to you from some of the world’s leading experts in the field. You can learn more by going to The VisionHelp Pocast Show…your resource for visual neuroscience and vision therapy.

Or better yet, you can subscribe to your free VisionHelp Podcast by clicking here. In addition, the VisionHelp Podcast Show  apps are coming soon for your Droid and Apple products through iTunes. Maybe the Ninja was right…it is all about the Apple Pie. Stay tuned!

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD

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