VT on TV with Dr. Beasley

Dr. Genia Beasley was a star basketball player at NC State in the late ’70s, so much so that she was the one selected when the University announced it’s first Hall of Fame Class.

Look at her career stats at NCSU:

  •  Highest total career points (2,367 points)
  •  Highest total career rebounds (1,245 points)
  •  Highest rebounding average in a career (9.7)
  •  Most career double-doubles (60)
  •  Most career blocked shots (185)
  •  Most blocked shots in a single season (73)
  •  Only player in program to lead team in scoring and rebounding all four seasons

Reportedly she was a much better ballplayer than interviewee.  When a TV reporter asked for an on-air interview, she froze. “Well, you had good game and a lot of rebounds,” the reporter began, and all Beasley could say was “Yep.”

Well Dr. Beasley has come a long way in her TV interview skills, as evidenced by the marvelous job she does in this piece, a nearly hour-long show during which she provides great demonstrations and fields questions from callers.  A slam dunk from Dr. B!



One thought on “VT on TV with Dr. Beasley

  1. I am proud to say that Dr. Beasley was a student of mine at Nova Southeastern University Optometry School. I remember her well. She was a good learner and worked well with patients. With her basketball skills she might even become President one day. :)).

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