Convergence Insufficiency Infographic a new video!

On  June 13, 2012  the Convergence Insufficiency Infographic was launched on the VisionHelp blog. The introduction of this infographic began with a frequently quoted saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

But, what if you could combine the imagery of streaming pictures, a beautiful music score and an important patient health care message. Could that be worth a million words? You be the judge and take a look at the latest in VisonHelp’s mission to advocate for those with visual problems:

Help spread the word…Convergence Insufficiency affects lives. Millions of lives…and yet there is a cure! We encourage you to be social and pass this on to family, friends, teachers, administrators and doctors. The research has been done on Convergence Insufficiency and the evidence is clear. CI must no longer exist as the hidden visual disability when proven treatment is available and the results can be life changing.

Be an advocate and pass it on…

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD

2 thoughts on “Convergence Insufficiency Infographic a new video!

  1. Dr. Fortenbacher,
    My name is Mary Jo Baize and I practice optometry in Sarasota, FL.; Pediatrics and developmental vision is my area of special interest! I’ve been invited to join a local live chat television show on Tuesday, September 3, 2012, with short notice. I want to present the topic of Convergence Insufficiency and I’m interested in showing your new CI Infographic from The VisionHelp Blog. I need your permission to show this video: Can you help me with this, Dr. Fortenbacher?

    Dr. Mary Jo Baize
    Thank you so much for your very informative website, blog and information!

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