Groundbreaking Program on 3D Technology at AOA – Part 2

In part 1 we talked about the incredible stereoscopic 3D (S3D) experience that those who attended yesterday morning’s educational session had in seeing a video of stereoscopic eye surgery performed, and in seeing a live demonstration of a heads-up, real-time S3D biomicroscopic evaluation.  The S3D evolution during this year’s AOA meeting, from the Opening Session on Thursday morning through four CE courses, culminating in yesterday’s mind blowing session was a joy to behold.

At the outset of my lecture on Thursday afternoon on the visual challenges of 3D I posed the following question:  Will S3D educational presentations advance quickly enough such that if next year, at the same time, I were standing in front of you giving a non-S3D lecture, you would feel impoverished?  Certainly if I were to give a lecture today using only overhead slides, or using 35mm slides on a carousel projector, you would consider me to be the Rip Van Winkle of CE presenters.  So how long before 2D CE will be considered archaic?  If S3D presentation in education is merely a passing fad, you’d say it would be unlikely to encounter an S3D CE presentation in Optometry anywhere anytime soon.  Indeed, I presented both sides of the argument, but hazarded a guess that while one year might be too soon for the revolution, in five years we’d be likely to see S3D as the norm.  We’ve already begun to glimpse beta versions of S3D PowerPoint technology.

Len Scrogan is a digital learning architect, and a 3D futurist.  He was part of yesterday morning’s program and has a very nice blog you should check out.  Scrogan is bullish on S3D education, and during the presentation he demonstrated applications of S3D in the classroom particularly for the biological sciences.  You can gain a further sense of this by referring to the monograph on 3D In The Classroom that was distributed at the AOA meeting, and available for download here.

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