VisionHelp introduces the new VisionHelp Podcast Program!

It is my pleasure to introduce the latest from VisionHelp productions…The VisionHelp Podcast Program. Our first episode in the VisionHelp Podcast series begins with an interesting introduction to the field of vision therapy presented by 3 notable experts in the specialty of optometric vision therapy, Dr. Dan Fortenbacher, Dr. Carl Hillier and Dr. Leonard Press.  The VisionHelp Podcast Programis hosted by Charles Gerard who interviews the program guests and shares additional information for the listener.

Every month The VisionHelp Podcast Program series will feature 1-2 new episodes, each with a special focus on clinical areas such as Strabismus and Amblyopia, Convergence Insufficiency, Vision Related Reading Problems, Vision and Austism and much more.  Each program will bring a variety of guest experts interviewed from around the US.

So, it with great pleasure to present to you Episode One of the VisionHelp Podcast, entitled: An Introduction of Visual Neuroscience and the Science of Vision Therapy. To listen to directly click on the “play button”:

To download MP3 file into your computer right click and then click “save target as” to your designated folder

Or you can download the MP3 file directly to your own computer for future listening at your leisure by following the instructions on the icon .


Stan Appelbaum, O.D., FCOVD

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