4 thoughts on “Michigan Letter Tracking Sheet

  1. Where can I order letter tracking sheets for my students? I had a folder of them, but have misplaced it or loaned it. Thanks for any info you can give me.

  2. My school IEP team wants to use the Michigan Ann Arbor tracking books as a replacement for Vision Therapy. I was told VT is not research based, therefore they will not send him for the recommended therapy by his OD FCOVD. They are happy to do 5min 5x’s per week Ann Arbor Program provided by Special Ed teacher and reversal worksheets. My child is 9.6 years old entering 4th grade with Mixed Dyslexia he is reading at a end of 1st or beg 2 grade level after 320 hours of remediation. Visual area of concern are Visual Discrimination (9%) , Visual Constancy (2%), Visual Closure (16%), and Gardner Reversal (1%). Development Eye movement test Vertical (<1%) and horizontal (1-5%). I was told he has convergence excess and Accommodative disorder Insufficiency and needs Vision therapy. Do you think the School's treatment will work? Can these workbooks fix his problems so he will stop omiting or inserting words, skipping lines, remember sight words and not be a choppy word reader while trying to read?

    • Several points here:
      1) There is ample research to support VT as related to learning problems. See here.
      2) The school’s program will do nothing to address the convergence and accommodative problems.
      3) 5 mins/5x per wk would be good to reinforce what the OD prescribes. As an independent intervention, it will help improve sequential tracking and improve visual readiness skills that support fluency. However, it will fall far short of what your child will accomplish through office-based optometric vision therapy.

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