SECO 2012 Postions COVD & Vision Therapy Well

Neil Draisin, O.D., FCOVD, is a visionhelp doctor who just completed his term as President of SECO, the premier education destination for Optometry.  Dr. Draisin, in conjunction with SECO continuing education mavens Drs. Glen Steele and Paul Ajamian, have done a brilliant job this year of spreading awareness about developmental and binocular vision care in general, and COVD in particular.  During the opening special session on Harnessing Technology, I had the pleasure of moderating and participating in presentations by Drs. Justin Bazan, Nathan Bonilla-Warford. Adam Parker, and Walt Mayo.  There was particular emphasis on social media, including prominent mention of COVD’s Visions of Hope contest.  My presentation centered on the applications of blogging, featuring our platform.

While it was gratifying on a personal level for me to see the widely read SECO Daily publication positioning me as an expert, I was more pleased for the prominence given to the topics I was presenting.

In addition to chairing the opening session, I gave a course Getting on Base with Learning-Based Vision Problems, and co-presented a course on visual problems associated with 3D technology, together with Dr. Gary Etting.  Dr. Etting has two sons involved in Hollywood film production, and that provided an additional insider’s view of where the field is headed.

Additional coursework was presented by Drs. Glen Steele and Lynn Hellerstein during the SECO meeting which, once again, was very well attended.  Immediately following the meeting, COVD presented two of its Applied Concepts Courses in Vision Therapy.  The course on Visual Information Processing was taught by visionhelp’s Dr. Carl Hillier, and for the therapists, Diana Eastburn-Ludlam, COVT and Lyna Dyson, COVT presented the Vision Therapy 101 course.

While I welcome any and all venues for education in our profession, the buzz and cutting edge nature at SECO and the Georgia World Congress Center has made their claim to be the education destination for our profession much more than a catchy phrase.  From shining a spotlight on social media, to all of its unique special sessions, this has become a meeting for movers and shakers. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  At the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta, where most of the attendees were based, I ran into two colleagues who frequently lecture, neither of whom were giving any CE courses.  They were simply there for a day or two to network because so many key people attend this meeting!  To have listened to Dr. Bonilla-Warford at the opening session, attended by nearly 700 optometrists, extol the virtues of developmental vision/VT and COVD, was a watershed moment for the renaissance of our field on a larger stage.

– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

2 thoughts on “SECO 2012 Postions COVD & Vision Therapy Well

  1. As a developmental optometrist, you may be interested in this article about a new risk of strabismus surgery that arises because of new research into the risks of developing ADHD and learning disabilities when young children are repeatedly exposed to anesthesia. And of course, strabismus surgery is notorious for the risk of repeat surgeries in young patients even with the new “adjustable suture” technique.

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