Paper Bag VT

When our kids were young we took them to see The Paper Bag Players in New York City.  Clever, improvisational, low budget, and highly visual, they managed to enthrall children of all ages.  Thoughts of the Paper Bag Players came flooding back this evening when I saw the theatrics that James, one of our VT patients, had arranged.

Seven year-old James likes an audience and is, shall we say, rather loquacious.  Cute no doubt, he can also be a source of distraction to himself and others in the room.  So instead of clowning around to attract the attention of patients and staff, his mother came up with the idea of creating a paper bag audience.  This way James always felt that he had onlookers.  It was then simply up to Jen to keep James gainfully on task during his vision therapy session.  The best results come when we adapt the therapy environment to the individual child.

– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

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