Developmental Vision, Well-Trained Minds, and Rod Everson

I’ve blogged before about what a fan I am of the Well-Trained Minds Forum, and the even-handed discussions of vision and vision therapy there.  The latest discussion there on the subject contains a nice contribution by Rod Everson, with a link to his website, OnTrack Reading.  I enjoyed reading much of what Rod Everson has to write.  He pretty much nails every topic we’ve addressed on our blog related to vision and reading right on the head, and he pulls no punches.  Here are a few examples:

1. Find a Vision Therapy Provider

a) locate a developmental optometrist

b) importance of office-based vision therapy

c) cost & insurance coverage issues

d) is it worth it to get tested even if we think we can’t do VT?

e) what are my alternatives, and what are the consequences of waiting?

2. Growing an Architect

a) convergence problems and depth perception

b) compensations

c) visual learners

3. Why Such a Secret?

a) business considerations

b) dig deeper

c) differences in testing

d) if you made up your mind before, reconsider

– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

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