$15,000 and Paul Karpecki – Part 2

In Part 1 we introduced Stereo Optical’s Opt-Align, the brainchild of Dr. Jeff Krall who captured the interest of Dr. Paul Karpecki with the reminder that there is basis for eyestrain beyond the ocular surface.  Only good can come from Optometry and frankly Ophthalmology, coming full cycle, back to our roots of addressing asthenopia at all levels of origin.  Jeff Krall does a great job of reviewing this in a recent PowerPoint lecture he put together on the subject, a complement to the nice video that Stereo Optical has on its website:

In fact, you can get a nice series of videos here, including a useful monograph prepared by the Corcoran Consulting Group on “Reimbursement for Evaluation and Treatment of Binocularity Defects”.  As Dr. Krall reviews in an interview, his interest in this subject was piqued by his father’s ability years ago to address visual performance problems by adding some base-in prism to lenses.  This led him, together with an ophthalmologist, to develop a progressive addition lens manufactured by Kodak with a small amount of base-in prism incorporated and prescribed as “anti-fatigue lenses“, backed by a study at ICO.

Well if all this sounds a bit familiar to you, it may be because a colleague of ours, Dr. Merrill Bowan, has been talking about this for the past 15 years in the form of muPs, or small amounts of base-in prism with or without plus lens power.  Dr. Bowan’s concept has been for the power to act throughout the lens, rather than confined to a region.  Nor would behavioral optometrists agree that a progressive lens would be the best solution as a performance lens for all individuals.  The point here is that Drs. Krall and Karpecki are helping to turn the wheel at a pivotal time in the evolution and maturation of our profession.  I’ll have more to say about this crucial borderland between disease and functional vision in part 3.

– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

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