New Mexico’s Naturopathic Medical Show

Thanks to Dr. Curt Baxtrom for sharing the YouTube video of a very nice interview with Dr. Sam Berne, a behavioral optometrist in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I had the pleasure of sharing time with Dr. Berne several years ago in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when we were on a lecture program together for COMOF.  The interview is wide ranging, and in watching it I was reminded how much Dr. Berne was influenced by his professional training at The Gesell Institute of Child Devleopment in New Haven during its halcyon days with Drs. Appell, Streff, and Sutton.  Dr. Berne has taken holistic care in optometry to new heights, as evidenced in this interview.  Enjoy!

– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

One thought on “New Mexico’s Naturopathic Medical Show

  1. I am extreemly interested in Stereopsis and how it should be the first test administered to a patient, as an informative feature to make the public realize the Optometrist is the marriage counselor, interested in the reason that the Homo Sapian , is a preditor and has two eyes in front of his head for a very special purpose, to have Stereopsis, Dr.Snellen’s acuity, is confusing the public.

    The 3D world is an awaking blessing, must keep the interest up ? A horse can not drive a car very well.

    Floyd D. Mizener OD. DOS PhD

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