Robert Lederman Shoots and … Swish!

Special thanks to Robert Lederman for bringing the game “Swish” to our attention.  Just put in an order for several sets, and it looks like a tremendously challenging yet fun way to get at the heart of visual spatial skills through visualization and mental rotation.  It’s a really nice complement to the principles  of visual spatial thinking introduced by Harry Wachs, to visual imagery as introduced by Elliot Forrest and elaborated by John Abbondonza, and visualization as conceptualized by Lynn Hellerstein.

A quick Google search is all you need to remind yourself how much continued interest there is out there on formalized study of  visualization abilities and scientific approaches to visual-spatial rehabilitation/therapy.  But sometimes it’s good to let therapy be fun – particularly with transparent cards like that provide immediate feedback on whether the mental rotation provides a match, and if not to see where the misfit occurs.

– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

4 thoughts on “Robert Lederman Shoots and … Swish!

  1. Len, You should know that this was shown to all the vision therapists at their meeting at COVD by Noah Merhar (Dr. Cathy Stern’s office) and to many of the doctors informally as this had just become our new favorite office game. We like it because it can be played at many different levels.
    A favorite challenge is to make a Swish of 12 cards thinking it through first – great visualization. Hope everyone now enjoys it too.

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