The Divided Brain

In a prior post, The Paradoxical Brain, we mentioned that in acquired brain injury, or ABI, patients typically experience damage to the right hemisphere which results in hemispatial neglect or inattention in the left visual field.  The left hemisphere, which directs the right visual field, is typically involved in sustained, broad, open attention characterized by vigilance and alertness.  The right hemisphere, which directs the left visual field, is characterized more by narrow, sharply focused attention to detail.  Consider this in the context of the psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist’s presentation on the divided brain.

Another psychiatrist who has explored visual implications of the divided brain is Frederick Schiffer.  His theories may have you looking at the emotional implications of hemispheric differences massaged through binasal occlusion.  Here are the goggles that he describes using:

– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

2 thoughts on “The Divided Brain

  1. Heavy with implications, this bears not only on ABI patients, but learning and reading impaired as well. The rub is, how do we — can we — intervene in meaningful ways? Clinical experience with Neurodevelopmentally-directed optometric interventions say “Yes.” We will be starting a six-month formal study in January to quantify the practical results of the L-R brain training we do in our offices, The Learning Clinic.The animation is great, but needs to be paused often to assimilate the many nuances that they are rapidly presenting. I would encourage the viewer to do so, the ideas are worthy.

    Merrill Bowan

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