Keeping it Real in the Field

I’ve been involved in VT for many years and one of my greatest pleasures is seeing people that I’ve helped mentor go out and do good work in our field.  One recent example is Dr. Marcus Myers.  I first met Dr. Myers when he did his VT externship rotation from PCO/Salus in my office five years ago.  From there he went on to do the SUNY VT Residency Program, and in partial completion of his program we worked on a poster presentation together that he did at the COVD meeting in 2007 on one of the patients we managed in my practice who experienced Wallenberg Syndrome.  Without a doubt, Dr. Myers is one of the brightest students I have ever encountered.

It was a real treat this afternoon to get a Google Alert on VT that featured Dr. Myers’ website.  I can sense the influence of part of our practice, beginning with the name, Vision & Learning Center.  The illustrative demonstrations on the website are crisp and to the point.  Coincidentally Marcus called me the other day, in the midst of taking the wonderful Sanet Seminar Series.  I look forward to his continued success!

– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO

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