2 thoughts on “The Illusion of Independent Visual Streams – Cognitive Neuroscience 2010

  1. Len- Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It appears that we do not have separate dorsal/ventral, central/peripheral, figure/ground, right/left, sequential/simultaneous, etc. processing systems. They all appear to be relative among each other and to everything else. It seems that all these are for is for us only to be able to try to communicate the different aspects of each, and how they can then be related to other dualities. Simply, we cannot speak of one without including the relationships of the other.

  2. You’re welcome Curt. As with so many other aspects of the visual system that we deal with clinically in VT there is danger in being overly reductionistic about hard and fast anatomy or physiology vis-a-vis function (once we get beyond lens, vitreous, retina, and optic nerve). And yes – cognitive process such as simultaneous/sequential, or temporal/spatial are relative terms. Such yinyang dichotomies reside at the heart of emergent processes, of which vision is one, and to an extent even more anti-reductionistic than Skeffington imagined.

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