Farewell But Not Goodbye

In mid-April I wrote about a Skype interview I did with Daniel Stern, an undergraduate student majoring in biomedical engineering at Bucknell University who applied to work with us for the summer months.  Daniel was every bit as good as I had hoped he would be in interacting with our patients, and then some.  We had a luncheon last week to wish him well as he returned to Bucknell for his senior year.

Daniel is indeed among the best and brightest of those who are seriously weighing Optometry as a career.  Though we have bid him farewell, something tells me we’ll be hearing much more from and about him in the not too distant future.  What a joy to see such talented and mature individuals get turned on about the compassion and care required for the challenging array of patients we help through vision therapy practice.

– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO


2 thoughts on “Farewell But Not Goodbye

  1. Having known Nancy Torgerson over several years, I am well aware of the talented wonderful people in the field of Vision Therapy. Hope your young man, chooses a career that would keep him involved. Best, Andrea Simmons

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